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Faith United Church of Christ
1300 Maple Rd.
Williamsville, NY 14221

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  1. You are such a blessing in the lives of our community. Thank you so much for working with Evangel Food Pantry all these years. We love working with you. Thank you for working with me.

  2. Many of your close neighbors are very upset that you planning to have a nearly 90 foot cell tower erected on your property. We have met to discuss it and plan to speak at the upcoming town meeting on 9/20 in hopes of preventing it. I ask that you consider your neighbors and the community you serve ahead of the revenue stream this will bring you. I have served over over two decades in various capacities of church ministries and I encourage you to recognize that revitalization and a healthy church are a function of faith, vision, outreach, service and an enthusiastic congregation. Money from Verizon, a nice building and other amenities won’t result in growth. I am happy to discuss ideas with you at any time. On behalf of your neighbors, please don’t continue to build the tower.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Gil,
      Nice to hear from you. Perhaps you are not aware that the proposed cell tower will be hidden inside a new bell tower and will not be recognizable as a cell tower. I assure you that the construction of the bell tower is not a part of our revitalization program. We are working on many other projects in that area. I would be happy to talk with you at anytime about revitalization programs with which you have a great deal of experience.
      Barbara Bartlow

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