We welcome all God’s people to unite in Christ’s mission by our practice of Faith, Love, Worship, and Service in all we do

Our Purpose

Our purpose is summarized by our Foundation Statement.

“We welcome all God’s people to unite in Christs mission by our practice of Faith, Love, Worship and Service in all we do”

Faith UCC’s Foundation Statement was written by a Foundation Committee of seven members during the Spring of 2003.

Matthew, chapter 7, states, “the wise man built his house upon the rock… the foolish man built his house upon sand.” We need a rock of a foundation for our congregation, lest the sand erodes and leaves us with nothing. This foundation declares the principles by which we exist, by which we will act and interact. By which we will propose and evaluate programs, by which we will address and resolve our differences.

For Christianity, that foundation may be exemplified by Jesus’ Great Commandment or the Ten Commandments or even the entire bible. For Faith Church, we believe it can be this Foundation Statement which describes several pillars or principles of our faith. The idea is to provide a firm basis or foundation upon which we can build all future programs and activities

F:ellowship; Freedom in worship

A:cceptance; Action

I:nspiration; Involvement

T:eaching; Trust

H:elping; Healing

Faith’s Dream
Our dream is to be a family in Christ that shares and professes the Good News of Jesus Christ, in an environment that allows for freedom of worship.

Our dream is to be a family in Christ where those who are lonely, hurting, rejected, or separate from God can find love, healing, help, and inspiration; a city of refuge where healing can take place.

Our dream is to be a family in Christ where our members embrace and encourage each other through relationships built upon trust, love, and acceptance; relationships that breed fellowship and promote continued spiritual growth.

Our dream is to be a family in Christ where youth are taught and shown the value of a life centered upon Christ.

Our dream is to be a family in Christ whose members are actively involved in serving Christ, to continue his mission in all that we do.

Clergy and Staff

Though strongly believe that we are all the church, we are blessed to have excellent staff to guide and help us.

Pastor Tina M. Bacon

Pastor Tina M. Bacon

Safe Church Principles

Faith UCC tries to adhere to the following safe child principles in order to reduce the risk of child abuse in the church setting.

  • All adult volunteers working with children or youth are required to be members of Faith UCC for a minimum of six months.
  • Adult volunteers should observe the “two adult” rule. This requires that adults are never alone with children or youth without an adult partner.
  • Adult volunteers should immediately report any behaviors which seem abusive or inappropriate to their supervisor.

Faith UCC has had no known incidents of abuse in its 50-year history.